Everyone Has The Potential
To Change The World

And That Includes You!

Let’s face it.
None of us are starving students anymore.

We have our homes, and our families, and our social commitments, and our favorite dishes at our favorite restaurants.

None of us want to give up our green juices and fast cars.

Few of us are on the brink of putting everything on pause and going away to volunteer for a few years.

So we look at all the things going wrong in the world and assume it’s not our fight.

It’s for the ones who are still twenty. The happily broke. The ones with a little martyr in their DNA.

You don’t need to dedicate your entire life to service, or become a card-carrying minimalist, or wear rags, or grow into it.

If you have air in your lungs, some time on your hands, or maybe a bit more cash than you need for your lattes, you’re ready to fight poverty and abuse NOW.

Do Good Now. Feel Good Now.
And be the change already. We’ll help.

Welcome to share our latest dream and empowerment-over-pity project in Nepal, with the purpose of stop human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.

We are building a safe home and offering education, medical attention and trauma therapy for young girls who have been rescued from being sold to brothels or as workers under slave like conditions. Architect Sara Pinto has drawn the first construction plan together with Helena Nyhlén, our project leader. A large plot of land (32,000 sqf) in the southeastern suburbs of Kathmandu is rented on a long term basis and we cannot wait to put the first brick in place.

Real solutions. Not Pity.

We also aim to spread awareness about human trafficking to the large number of tourists who flock to Nepal trekking and exploring the glorious mountains. Normally they stay a couple of nights in Kathmandu before setting off in the Himalayas. Therefore, we will also build a home-away-from-home, a DO GOOD NOW GLOBAL B&B and Info Center.

This small hostel/center will be run by women who were migrant workers in other countries, now back in Nepal to rebuild their lives and become self sufficient.

Not only will we offer an incredible warmth and accommodation but empower the girls and women who have been victimized through human trafficking and sexual exploitation, to learn how to run a B&B and financially support not only their dreams of education but also empowering their human development AND building their community up, through education and ridding the population from poverty one step at a time.

Pity doesn’t help.
Real solutions do.

The people we support are strong,
and resilient, and survivors.
They don’t need our empathy.
They need to finally catch a break.

And we invite you to support us to help finance the building of both the Safe Home and Bed & Breakfast 

Join Empower-over-Pity

OUR GUARANTEE: No more than 25% of all monies raised go towards our administrative running costs – this is in accordance to the regulations for NGOs and charities with a 90-account ”90-konto”. However, our intention is to never exceed 10% in administrative costs.



Help build the Safe House and Bed & Breakfast.


Use your company as a force for good
greater than the norm of CSR.

Together, we Get It Done

Granporten AB

Are working with us to rent 10% of their apartments to Syrian refugees.

Maria Håkansson, Helhet för Harmoni, and CEPIA

Have collaborated with us to provide over a dozen women in Guanacaste, Costa Rica with education in beauty services, empowering them to start their own small businesses.

ABC Nepal

Is a network of transit homes for victims of human trafficking and sex slavery Do Good. Now has collaborated with to bring food, shelter, and education to hundreds of children.

Lorenz Fastigheter

Have committed to renting 10% of their available apartments to people fleeing their countries or those with special circumstances such as protected identity.

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