Do we wish we could fix everything that’s ever
been wrong with the world we live in?

Of course.


But we wanted to make our mission sustainable, so we chose to focus on the thing you’d least expect to still be normal in so many parts of the world — slavery

Not a word we typically use, but we need you to know that “human trafficking”
is a fancy modern term that stands for a very unevolved thing

It may look like child prostitution, or people forced to work as staff in mansions, or even something as ubiquitous as a free porn website.

Some of the victims are taken through force. Some through cunning. Some have to play along because there are no other options to survive.

What we do at Do Good Now is creating better options. Facilitate awareness campaigns so that nobody falls for the old tricks the traffickers play. Use wonderful tools like microfinance to help create jobs where there are no good ones. Help survivors recover from the atrocities they had to live through. Help our fellow westerners make consumer choices that move the needle in the right direction.

Through it all, we run at ZERO operating costs and full transparency.

Every cent of every donation we receive goes to support only the most viable of local projects. No spending on first-class tickets for executives. No corruption or vanity investments.

No unreasonable demands on our tribe of ambassadors (which we hope you’ll join!) to give up their entire lives, either.

Just a very real commitment to Do Good Now and help you do the same..

Ulrika Lorenz

Entrepreneur. Investor. Visionary.
Lover of luxury. Conscious consumer.
Founder of Do Good Now.
Chief Editor for

Sponsored SOS Children’s Villages from the age of 14.

Experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of “aid work” during her stint at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden.

“It’s time we take human rights to a new level and start talking about human responsibilities.”

Not one to shy away from a glamorous party or a fancy multi-course dinner with a side of soul conversation, Ulrika has never let her love for a nice life keep her from fighting for what’s right.

She uses her intimate work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, as well as the wealth, skills and connections she’s amassed as a successful businesswoman, to help others go from ignorance to awareness, and from awareness to action on 2018’s most pressing humanitarian issues.

It is her hope that we can all stand together against an ugly thing like human trafficking, and dismantle it with grace, style, and conviction.

Meet the Team.



Ulrika, mother of four wonderful individuals. Through them, I better understand the world. Building Value through Business and investment interests me, but meeting people and sharing their life stories is more inspiring. I guess this is what makes me a philanthropist.

Do Good Now is by far my best investment ever. Because right now someone is taking the right to trade another human being. Investing in education and other activities to reduce the demand for human trafficking for commercial and sexual purposes yields the world’s best return – more children who may be just children. Do Good Now was started because I wanted to travel and spend time with my loved ones while giving back to the world that has given me such a privileged existence. Being a visionary and a dreamer, I need a team of structured, intelligent and loving people who can help steer this ship in the right direction – towards a better future by grace over guilt and empowerment over pity. Without you I am nothing.

My core values:

Curiosity: I constantly want to learn more and rarely say no to a challenge, whether physical or mental. You often meet me in the gym on the yoga mat. Strength, balance and flexibility are key in both family and work life. Adventure: To walk through the jungle or to make a deep inner personal journey is what makes me feel alive. Passion: I am passionate about my being and doing. Just do it. Now. With Passion.



I have a degree in Behavioral Science and have worked in Business Development for a long time. Now I´m about to start my own company within the store- and shopping centre development and design. I’m married and a mother of three. My family and I live outside of Stockholm in a typical Swedish red wooden house with white corners. 

What drives you in your engagement to work with human rights? Or for DGNG? 

My children are now growing up and I feel that I have more time and energy to try to do good not just for me and my family but also for others and for the whole society. Ulrika and her organization, Do Good Now, is driven by the same view on the world as I am and is giving me the opportunity to engage and to work hands-on with these questions. As Ulrika use to say “It’s time we take human rights to a new level and start talking about human responsibilities”

MY core values:
To be good to me and others.



I am a Portuguese, an architect by profession with approximately five years’ experience who wants to run from hiding behind a desk. I love to be in the field and experience the materialization of an idea. Human rights and social issues have been a major focus of my work as an independent architect, including my MSc thesis concerning how architecture design can change social behaviour and increase social inclusion in senior age, preventing individual exclusion.

What drives you in your engagement to work with human rights? Or for DGNG?
The sense of purpose and utility has always driven me and it feels great to be able to share it with my work team.

Your core values
Passion and generosity for the community, the creativity within all the things we do, and the perseverance to never abandon these values.



Hi friends! My name is Olivia Lorenz, I’m 22 years old and a passionate musical theatre artist. I also enjoy working out, working with my parents, travelling and spending time with friends.

I have had the luck of being born into Do Good Now as I am the eldest daughter of Ulrika. Because of my mom’s engagement, passion, and stubbornness, and my dad’s constant support and love for travelling, I’ve had the privilege to see many parts of the world, often very different from Stockholm. Naturally, my learning of different cultures, as well as injustices based on where you live, made me realize that I have a responsibility to do what I can to contribute to the purposes of Human Rights. In addition to our on-going project in Nepal, I would like to focus more on the problems in Sweden related to trafficking. It is a bigger and more organized issue than we think because it is so hidden and Swedes are very politically correct on the surface. I  would like to collect more up-to-date facts and collaborate with police and authorities, as well as laws related to porn.

Your core values
My passion is initially musical theatre and all art it includes, but probably fundamentally the Storytelling through Expression! I love studying individuals and understanding their perceptions of the world. I believe it has to do with the experience of living abroad during my upbringing, where I met many inspiring, interesting and different kinds of people with different backgrounds, cultures and knowledge. I have seen much, but have yet so much to see, learn and contribute with. I believe it is part of my social responsibility.



My name’s Denise Lorenz, I’m a 20-year-old woman, and as you might have noticed by my last name, I’m part of Ulrika’s family, her daughter to be exact. 

I’ve been extremely honoured to have gotten front row seats to my mothers’ strive for a positive change in the world. At times I’m brought out from the sidelines, and get to help out with numerous projects, whether it be by performing at the Swedish west coast to spread awareness about trafficking, fly out to Nepal to search for a new property together with ABC Nepal, or simply hold up various items at a non-profit auction. When I don’t help out at DGNG, I live in the south of Sweden, in a little town called Lund, dabbling in some songwriting and philosophy. I hope to one day be able to be financially independent through my writing, and let some of my proceeds go to charity, but as of right now I am happy in helping Ulrika with whatever she needs help with, and seeing her and Do Good Now grow and expand as a philanthropist and respectively a truly amazing organization. I have to add the fact that I have such high respect for my mother’s willingness to include her family in all of her adventures. I learnt about trafficking at a young age, and many people may shrug at the mere thought of a child knowing about not only sex but rape. What they don’t really acknowledge is that these victims DGN is trying to help, are children themselves.



Vincent Lorenz, 16 years, a student at the British International School of Stockholm, year 11 (an awesome guy in general). 

What drives me is the fact that there are people who are being trafficked all over the world as we are living our lives. It does not only start and stop as the subject gets brought up. In April 2019, I travelled for the second time together with my mom to Nepal to trek to Annapurna Base Camp (4,130m) and make a documentary. The intention was to show the beauty of the Himalayas as well as the current situation of the girls in the transit home ABC Nepal. 

Your core values
Have fun during the time that you live. Do what you love and love what you do!



I live with my husband outside of Stockholm, in Dalarö, in a small house. I am a project and construction manager. Our four children are grown-ups and we have five grandchildren.

I met Ulrika, who is an engaging woman, two years ago and she asked me if I can help with the process of building a new building in Kathmandu as I am in the construction business normally. And I said yes as I want to help where possible and it feels good to do good things as this is.

Your core values
To feel good and have fun when helping and doing good things.



Born and raised in South Africa I moved to the United Kingdom for two years, where I worked and gained experience in living life abroad, starting new and independently in life with no handouts and living my purpose. Thereafter I moved to Austria in the Alps where I now reside with my three children and run my business BrandSashka, the leading Business & Brand Strategist – where I work with Creative Visionaries to live their lives and build & run their business on and with purpose.

We are all here to serve one another, in particular our Soul Tribe. My drive is to understand all the areas of our engagement with human rights – not just feel the feels but understand WHY we’re wanting to give and serve and the purpose behind it. Working with DGNG who stand by similar principles ie Grace-over-Guilt, is why I support them wholeheartedly – because giving should be out of love not out of duty.

Your core values
Creativity, Humour, Passion, Imagination and Wisdom.



I am Stefan. My professional journey started in the Telecom industry and has taken me to Real Estate Investment. Since childhood, I have been a devoted ice hockey player, currently joining Hockey Academy and Veteran Hockey League. I am the most down to earth person in this herd of passionate do-gooders. On our missions abroad, my role is to solve ad hoc problems and make sure we have the appropriate vehicles in shape. At our base in Sweden, I am the one making sure everybody gets their breakfast. Everyday.

What drives me in my engagement to work with human rights or for DGNG, is to stop trading human beings, especially children. Period.

Your core values
Routine lover. Motto: Ride Fast Bikes – Don´t worry – Be happy.

Here’s a quick overview of how things unfolded so far:


1982 – At the young age of 13, Ulrika starts on her journey with monthly donations of 100 SEK to SOS Children Villages

1991 – The beginning of her career with the government

1993 – After 3 years within the system, Ulrika become disillusioned about the real results that system delivers.

1996 – The birth of the real estate business that will later provide the lifeblood for Do Good Now.

1999 – Turns out, there’s more than money and glamour behind the striking skyscrapers of Dubai. Ulrika’s mind turns to REALLY giving back.

2004 – Watching a report on the tsunami in Thailand, Ulrika and her husband decide it’s time to go big.

2006 – Do Good Now is set up. Ulrika takes a break from her first-world lifestyle to volunteer in Thailand for a year, where she is faced with her true mission when she meets victims of human trafficking at a shelter for women with AIDS.

2010 – Our first partnership is forged with ABC Nepal.

2011 – A dozen women receive micro financed vocational training in Costa Rica.

2013 – Our first visit to Kathmandu. Our second partnership, with Lorenz Fastigheter

2015 – Ulrika sees her first educational street drama in Nepal and sets out to support the initiative.

2016 – Big year of growth, with Sudeshna, Pyper, and Granporten AB all joining us.

2018 – We launch this beautiful new website. Also, we are joined by you.

2019 – Ulrika has visited Kathmandu twice, in partnership with ABC Nepal. Big year of growth as we have found the land we wish to build both of our new projects on.



Help build the Safe House and Bed & Breakfast.


Use your company as a force for good
greater than the norm of CSR.