"An empathetic world without human trafficking"


“Through working together using empowerment as our biggest tool, we strive not only to strengthen organisations and people who work against human trafficking, but also to help the people who have been, or are at risk of falling into modern human slavery - with our main focus on trafficking.”




Since the beginning/being founded, Do Good Now has been operating/working on various types of projects in different parts of the world. We believe in small yet direct projects, within minimalistic organisations where the administrative costs are as small as possible, thereby the money can go directly to the people in need, and not be wasted on unnecessary spending. Another plus side to this is the facilitation of full transparency.

We want everyone in the groups that work together to do just that, work together, with a good dynamic, and a high work ethic. Smaller projects help us with this, because it increases the possibility for each and every group member to take on their own responsibility, thus giving them impulsion for their work.

In our experience, small projects with low administrative costs have been the most successful. We worked as volunteers for the “Swedish Microcredit Foundation” in Thailand after the tsunami in 2004. The organization gave out micro loans to 300 different self-employed and/or breadwinners on Phi Phi island. The loans went to various things, with some including fruit stands, masseurs, jewelry companies, and guided tours.

After three years around 70% of the loans were repaid, which is a really high number considering the damage of the natural disaster that was the cause for this project. The money that helped these people came from Swedish companies throughout Sweden and Thailand.

Do Good Now’s second project happened in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. There, we collaborated with a beauty care specialist by name Maria Håkansson, as well as the volunteer organization CEPIA. Together, we created the opportunity for 12 women to get an education within beauty care through rent free micro loans.

The combination of education and micro loans is if we may say so ourselves, unbeatable, and here’s why; The education leads to heightened self-esteem and confidence, whilst the rent free micro loan gives an opportunity to start a self-made business with minimal risk of falling into debt traps and usury. We lift people in terms of not only knowledge, but economically and mentaly as well, creating stable grounds for the future. If that isn’t unbeatable we don’t know what is.

Security is vital for a child's development. This includes food on the table, clothes fit for the prevailing climate, and the opportunity to focus on one's education. A child should never be forced to choose between working and going to school. A young person who has been subjected to trauma needs professional help in order to process what they’ve been put through.

We want to give more children this form of security, globally. Do Good Now works closely with ABC nepal, who operate multiple homes for children who are survivors of human trafficking, as well of those at risk of (falling into) the same fate. Do Good now contributes to ten children’s total expenses, including the cost of education, housing, therapy, clothes, health care, various hobbies etc. We hope to one day be able to provide for multiple other children.

In Sweden, we work towards creating security through collaborating with real estate companies that make 10% of their apartments available to people in need of security due to fleeing from war-torn countries.

In Sweden, we work at prevention through spreading information, thus creating awareness about human trafficking as modern slavery as a whole.

We have conducted a number of events in Stockholm, where we have combined fundraising and awareness. We have also sailed along the ports of the Swedish west coast together with the Rock band The Poodles, attracting music lovers to after-sail events; where we brought people together with a concert whilst also spreading information and taking donations from those inspired to help.

We also spread knowledge about the rapidly increasing modern slavery through our social media channels, our podcast, along with completing workshops and seminars in gymnasiums across Stockholm.