Companies have an important role to play in achieving the UN's Global Goals. Together we can work for a more sustainable and empathetic world. We are building for the future and striving towards the UN's Global Goals 3 and 4 for health and education. These investments give a return on your CSR work (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Do Good Now has a number of different initiatives and projects underway both in Nepal and in Sweden. You are welcome to contribute to these initiatives. Maybe you would like to arrange a business trip with us where you generate value for your organization while creating memories, experiences and insights for life. See more information about our packages below.

If you have ideas and thoughts on other initiatives that are in line with our vision "A more empathetic world without human trafficking", please feel free to contact us.

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Invest in one of our initiatives

Sponsor a girl in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and because of this, also an important country of origin for traffickers. Our sister organization in Nepal, ABC Nepal, ensures that girls who have survived from, or are at risk of being trafficked have the opportunity to find their way back to the joy and to have faith in the future

  • Education: fee, uniform , books
  • Cost of living: Food, Clothes, leisure
  • Health: Physical healthcare, traumatherapy
  • Administration: Coordinator, warden
  • Awareness: Schoolorientation, Streetdrama, Staff at boarde
  • €2600 / girl and year
  • €650 / girl and quarter
  • €220 / girl and month

Rent an apartment for a woman or a family in Sweden

Sweden is one of the richest countries in the world, and because of this also an important destination country for human traffickers. We work with real estate companies that provide 10% of their apartments for people and families who need a safe place to live, due to different types of vulnerability. In this way, these people get the opportunity to build up their lives and create a safe new start for themselves and their family.

A single woman:

  • €500 / month
  • €6000 / year

A family:

  • $1200 / month
  • $14400 / year

Become a partner company – invest in Nepal with us

We want to work preventively to reduce the risk of people being exposed to human trafficking. We work with Build up Nepal and sponsor the construction of houses, toilets and schools in the poorest areas of Nepal. We enable the villagers to build their own earthquake-proof houses at low cost and with climate-friendly materials and technology. In this way, we contribute to better living conditions and reduced risk of human trafficking.

Donate a house:

  • €4000 / House

Donate a housewall:

  • €1000 / Wall

Donate a toilet:

  • €500 / Toilet

Buy our book!

Our founder Ulrika Lorenz has written an inspiring book about her journey to become an philanthropist. She generously shares her innermost thoughts and the inner journey she has made in parallel with the physical journeys she has had the privilege of doing with her family. She talks about the feelings of inadequacy and shame that have followed her through life and about waking up when she realized that she herself is part of the demand for cheap labor and the decision that emerged, to try to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

All income goes in full to our projects!

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Buy our book as a christmas present for your employees

"With this book, I hope to motivate and inspire you to take a closer look at how you would like this world to be. through my stories, I can share with you my best investment ever - the foundation of Do Good Now"
"Do you want to be a part of changing the world for the better? Are you finding it difficult to know where to start?
I feel you. Who are we to change the world?"

Ulrika Lorenz

All income goes directly back to the cause!


  • $20 per book
  • $175 for 10 books

Contribute to our work within the organization

Sponsor one of our events

We have organized many events such as galas, auctions, catamaran excursions together with experts, artists, other organizations and companies, to raise awareness and raise money to stop human trafficking. We always plan for new events and it is a golden opportunity for companies to, for example, invite their employees to a Christmas table, kickoff or other wonderful things, while you contribute to the fight against human trafficking.

Sponsor administration

No administration - No organization. Support our administration so that we can continue our work against human trafficking and modern slavery. At present we have no employees as everyone works voluntarily.

We want a grant to be able to hire a person part-time for our administrative tasks. This is to be able to attract skilful and efficient employees.

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We are very greatful for our sponsors who share our vision “An empathetic world without human trafficking”

We hope that you will join us!

Bleckert Management

Bleckert Management is, togheter with Hälsoviken, sponsoring a girl at ABC Nepal for a year


Bleckert Management is, togheter with Beckert Management, sponsoring a girl at ABC Nepal for a year


This real estate company is giving out 10% of their apartments to families living in refuge, and women who are in need of protected residence.

Lorenz Fastigheter AB

This real estate company is giving out 10% of their apartments to families living in refuge, and women who are in need of protected residence.

BFM Fastigheter AB

This real estate company is sponsoring the costs of administration, printed matters, and marketing costs so that every donation made to DGNG will unabridged go to our core purposes.

We collaborate with Lavendla's funeral home by making it possible through them to choose our organization as a gift recipient on their memorial pages. Visit their website by clicking on the logo above

Four Authors - Four Voices

We are four authors that have decided to give parts of our Book Profits to Do Good Now´s incredible projects that are working hands on with making the world a more empathetic place with no Human Trafficking.

Buy our books and support this cause today!

A.L. Berggren is an Author and small business owner (Alpiece Ltd) from Stockholm, Sweden that lives in London since 1996 and writes her books in English.

The creation of stories has always been A.L. Berggren's passion. As a child her stories were created through any means around her, such as Lego worlds, Barbies, dressing up, pretend play, drawings, writing or paintings. Every day she would create a new story in her head, and she still does, wherever she is; at home, on the tube, in the car, at work or with friends and family - there are no limits on how much you can spice up everyday life if you have a little fantasy and creativity in you!

A.L. Berggren wrote her first book as a four-year-old, "The Birthday Party". The second book got written with her best friend as an eight-year-old called "The Hijackers", which hopefully entertained the classmates at "fun hour" a little.

From 2012 until now, throughout a breakup, divorce, being a single mother, a range of full-time jobs and a hideous family court experience, A.L. Berggren started to write a fictional story - The Secret of the Crying Minds. However, it wasn't until June 2020, during Corona national lockdown and as a result being abruptly furloughed, that she finally challenged herself to become a published writer. At this stage, the story had developed into a series of five books. The second book: The Hunt of the Crying Minds, followed already in December 2020 and the third book: The Battle of the Crying Minds got published October 2021.

A.L. Berggren finds inspiration in everything around her, such as own experiences, people, news, cultures. art, music, relationships, politics, books, observations, debates, cultures, films, and life’s magical moments. Injustice, entitlement, and abuse make her blood boil which inspires significant parts of her darker writing.

A.L Berggren strongly believes in doing good now and that every little help to make a positive change. Therefore, she donates 15% of all book profits to selected charities close to her heart. Currently, she works exclusively with the charity Do Good Now to support them in their phenomenal work against human trafficking and creating a more empathetic world.

The Crying Minds is a Psychological Thriller series with elements of Sci-Fi, Gaming and Tech.

The Crying Minds is a Psychological Thriller series with elements of Sci-Fi, Gaming and Tech. The Crying Minds series is set in London, UK, Europe, and China. Roze, a young woman with extreme emotional intelligence and mind-reading skills, gradually becomes a new age female agent caught in a fight against sadistic women hater and game developing psychopath: Hydra, through brainwashed minds, the secret service, and the dark web.

Three significant storylines weave through the books; the vital force of mind, EQ, truth, and love; the rise to power of Hydra and his many heads across the dark web and underworld, through a sinister reality computer game, enabled by his harem of Mind Slaves; the obsession with finding a cure against evil, mind-blindness, and abuse.

It’s a fictional journey through real-life horrors such as abuse and modern slavery, ignorance of the importance of prevention and cure, potential dangers and possibilities around artificial intelligence and bioscience, as well as the extreme power of addictive computer games and virtual reality.

Readers say about book 1:
"Extraordinarily unique Thriller" "Gripping, thrilling & enticing!" "A twisting, turning, hypnotising tale." "Brilliant and captivating read" "Couldn't put down this intense debut novel"

Readers say about book 2:
“Done it again” “A must for all those who enjoy a dark and intense thriller” “Amazing narration” “Spectacular” “Mind Blowing”

Readers say about book 3:
“Gruesome and gripping, intense and insane! The author has an amazing imagination and takes you through so many emotions. Thank you for an amazing read - desperate to see where it goes next!” The books are available world-wide on Amazon and other book selling sites: Paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Buy books here:

The Crying Minds Series Page:
The Secret of the Crying Minds:
The Hunt of the Crying Minds:
The Battle of the Crying Minds:

Read more about the books and author here: Follow A.L Berggren on: Twitter: @alberggrenstory Instagram: @storytelleralberggren Facebook: @storytelleralberggren TikTok: @alberggren Youtube: A.L. Berggren LinkedIn A.L.Berggren - Author