Businesses play a huge role in achieving the U.N ‘s Global Goals. Together we can work towards a more sustainable world whilst also creating value.

Sponsor a young womans education in Nepal

Our sister organisation in Nepal makes sure that girls who are saved both directly and indirectly from forced prostitutution, are given proper education, housing, health care, and trauma therapy. 12 000 sek / per child a year

1200 Euro / child a year

Rent out a residence for a vulnerable family in Sweden

Here at DGNG, we work closely together with real estate companies who give out 10% of their apartments to people and/or families who are in need of a safe space to live, either because of flight from war, or domestic violence.

Become a partner company – invest in Nepal with us

We are building for the future and are working toward U.N’s Global Goal 3 and 4 - regarding health and education. This investment gives return in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as giving children the prerequisites of a free life.

Travel with us!

This is a true experience for your entire company! Join us on a trip that generates real value. We want to welcome you to travel together with us to give the opportunity of seeing the results of our hard work face to face, and showing you what can be achieved through working together; and why investing in other people is the best investment you could possibly do.

Sponsor one of our events

We have orchestrated numerous events such as galas, auctions, catamaran adventures together with experts, artists, other organisations and companies - in order to raise awareness and collect funds in order to stop human trafficking. We are working towards a new event, and we think it’s a golden opportunity for you as a business to either invite your employees to a christmas table, a kickoff, or numerous other fun stuff, whilst simultaniously fighting against the horrid truth of human trafficking.

Sponsor admin

No administration = No organisation. Please contribute to our administrative costs so that we can continue our work against human trafficking and modern slavery.

DGNG has since 2010 worked together with ABC Nepal who run multiple homes in Nepal for young girls who have lived through, or been at high risk of getting into, sex trafficking. The young women who have been saved from brothels, as well as other slave-like conditions, are

We work together with real estate companies here in Sweden, who give out 10% of their apartments to people and/or families who are in need of a safe space to live in, due to their escape from war or domestic violence.

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