There are multiple ways to engage within the fight against modern slavery and contribute to a world free of human trafficking.


Do Good Now Global work through opinion building, but also practically against human trafficking. Through being an NGO, we are active parties within the civil society, that work tirelessly to end modern slavery. If you choose to join forces with us, you not only get the opportunity to work with topics referring to human rights, but you also get to deepen your knowledge within development work, as well as joining the fight for a world free from human trafficking.

Having an internship here:

As an intern here, you’ll get an insight to how our organisation works, and get to directly participate with our work. The tasks will vary depending on your experiences and qualifications, to make sure your experience here with us stays within your comfort zone; but may consist of social media, external monitoring, research and planning, organisation, and participation in exciting events and fundraising.

We want to offer you independent work, where you get the chance of taking on your own responsibility. We also welcome students who are interested in writing their master theses with us.

We look for people who have:

-Have started an education that touches on the same types of areas that we work within (development studies, political science, economy, marketing etc.)

-Have a genuine interest within human rights

- Has knowledge of both Swedish and English

- Understands that this is an unpaid internship, that is made to deepen your understanding of the modern slavery, and preferably helps you within yor studies.

Submit your application (CV, personal letter) to


We are so very proud of our ambassadors here at our organisation, and are always open to finding new passionate advocates who share our vision for the future - an empathetic world without human trafficking.

Being an Ambassador:

Being an ambassador is a unique opportunity to engage in topics concerning human rights as well as actively fighting against the modern slavery.

As a representative for Do Good Now Global, you will share knowledge concerning our inquiries as well as participate in our events and workshops.

We will offer you education concerning the modern slavery as wel as our practical work to give you the best tools to contribute to a general awareness raising.


- Representing DGNG and spreading knowledge about the matters that we focus on

- Participating in events and workshops

-Educating yourself about the truths of trafficking as well as the modern slavery

These assignments are being executed on an ideal basis.

We will work together to make a custom-made plan tailored just for you, so that we can both benefit from each other

Please send us your CV and personal letters to