Founder and creative motor

I am a mother of four wonderful individuals, and an entrepreneur that loves creating value through deals and investments. Sustainable solutions and investments that have a positive effect on society lay close to my heart. What inspires me most is meeting people and hearing their life stories.

Speaking of investments, Do Good Now is my best one so far. In which I get my return non-monetarily, and often indirectly. As you read this, people are taking it upon themselves to sell another human. For me, investing in education and other activities in order to reduce the demand for human trafficking (with commercial and sexual purpose), is the best thing we can do. We need to give more children the opportunity to be just that: children.


Moderator and Coordinator

I am a behavioural scientist who lives in Stockholm with my husband and my three children, and have worked with business development for many years. Right now I’m in the works of creating my own company within the design and architecture of commercial real estate.

My children are now practically grown ups, and I now have more time and energy to engage myself in doing good, not only for me and my family, but others as well. Ulrika and I, together with this organisation, are driven by the same world view; and she has given me the possibility to commit to working handfast with these points. I have completely taken this statement from Ulrika to heart; “It’s time we take human rights to a new level and start talking about human responsibility”.



As a role model for my children, I always want to try to be a part of the solution. To simply live my core values. I have always had a sincere desire to maintain a positive worldview, so it feels sickly exciting to step into the role as responsible for Fundraising and manage it in the best possible way.

For me, it's all about vibration. Have you thought that we humans consist of about 60% water, an area where competent researchers in molecular medicine, quantum physics and biochemistry actually collaborate right now. And which has now been able to show that water can have a memory. Then think what responsibility we have towards each other, how crystals or chaos are formed within us, depending on the treatment. What would happen if we questioned our approach to ourselves and the world? Reprogram the truths and values ​​that no longer serve us, and instead honor our intuition and dare to follow our dreams!

Trends create the conditions for commitment and change where attendance should be number one on the barometer. Making the importance of presence visible can be a good start. To just observe in order to then be able to act from our inner core. With a focus on collaboration, we can then reach the stars. Together : )

To be part of making a difference is a privilege that many may take for granted, but which means extra to me as an adoptee. Being involved and influencing, spreading knowledge and even being able to change a child's worldview is completely invaluable. And gives us hope for a sustainable world for the children of the future.

One breath at a time, where do you choose to put your superpower and strength?

Spread the GOOD VIBES, Let´s Go!


Marketing and Fundraising

Slavery takes place here and now - and I refuse to be a passive bystander.

My name is Isabelle Hed and I am 25 years old. With two bachelor’s degrees under my belt, one in religious studies and one in media and communication studies and journalism, I now want to make a difference in the world.

My academic background has increased my understanding of the communicative value and the power of the word, and it has paved the way for a growing interest in human rights, democracy and the global debate regarding these issues.

At Do Good Now Global, I mainly work with research, fundraising, marketing and social media. Through awareness-raising efforts, I hope to be able to educate and inform people about trafficking and modern slavery. I hope to contribute to an empathetic world without human trafficking!


Lecture and Fundraising

Hi, my name is Jonatan Strandqvist. I am 26 years old from Malmö and I'm an intern at DoGoodNow during the fall of 2021!

I am doing this internship as a part of my bachelors degree in Human Rights at Lunds University and when given the opportunity by DGN to work with humanitarian and human rights issues I didn't hesitate a second to take it!

I am a social character who loves social and stimulating activities in the forms of business and pleasure during every hour of the day.

On a side note, I do love football in all its forms, both as a form of entertainment and also for its societal role!


Event Coordinator and Head of Podcast

Thanks to my mothers commitment, passion, and stubbornness, as well as the support of my father and love for travel, I’ve had the privilege to see many different parts of the world; parts that more often than not are very different from Stockholm. My understanding of different cultures and injustices that are based on where you are born, has given me insight to the fact that I have a responsibility to do whatever I can to help contribute to the work for human rights.

Outside of our projects in Nepal, I would like to deepen my focus within the problems relating to human trafficking in Sweden. It’s a bigger, and more organised problem than most of us think, because it’s so well hidden, and Sweden is very politically correct on the surface. I want to work in collaboration with the police and justice agencies in order learn more about this, as well as look deeper into the legal points regarding the pornography industry.


Event coordinator and copy writer

As Ulrika’s youngest daughter, I’ve had the opportunity to get a first hand seat to my mother’s endeavours to create a positive change in the world. I have gotten to help out practically on numerous projects. Whether that be singing on tour along the Swedish West coast with the goal of raising awareness about human trafficking, travelling to Nepal in search of new grounds to lay a transit home, or the simple task of holding up various objects in an auction where the proceeds go to Do Good Now.

When I’m not helping out here at Do Good Now, I write songs and love learning about philosophy and psychology. I hope to one day be able to give a percentage of my income to different beneficence projects; but at the moment, I’m happy to help out where I can, and love seeing Do Good Now grow and expand as a philanthropic organisation.



I am a student in Lund where I am currently studying a bachelor's degree in peace and conflict science with a focus on social anthropology. I have always been interested in human rights issues but did not really know how to turn my interest into real deeds.

Now that I have come in contact with Do Good Now Global and the team, I feel that I get a chance to try working on issues that I am really passionate about, in a way that feels uplifting and where a real difference is made! I hope to learn a lot about how a non-profit organization works, and how you can do good for people in many different ways by running and supporting local projects.



My name is Lovisa Leijon Schöld and I am 23 years old. I’m in my last semester at the graduate program Global Development, where I study global connections between culture, politics, and economy. My education has also touched on subjects like power, identity, and political institutions and how injustices and inequality gives cause for different forms of resistance - whether it be in the shape of everyday and small-scale protests, or transnational mobilisation that creates headlines worldwide in the media.

Personally, I’m especially interested in topics that refer to the modern slavery and women’s rights. Here at Do Good now Global, my main areas of responsibility are social media, research, and event planning.

We are a non profit organisation where everyone works on a voluntary basis or, in some few cases, to a very reduced compensation.

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