Proud co-ambassador for Do Good Now.

Has since childhood traveled and been exposed to different cultures and thereby developed a huge interest and eagerness to help and prevent inequality in the world, learning that there is always something to share and do with and for people.

As a final project in high school, she decided to create a documentary about trafficking and traveled to Nepal, one of the most exposed countries of trafficking, to make it happen. The outcome: a short film about ABC Nepal and what they do with interviews and facts about the industry and what solutions there are to prevent it, as well as post aids. Through the project, she managed to build a bridge and inform her fellow teachers and classmates back home.

Inspired by all the women and children in Kathmandu, she continues to be a part of Do Good Now’s projects to prevent human trafficking. One of her favourite mottos is β€œWe all have a social responsibility to do something. Anything. Even if that means just taking a minute to listen and spread the word.”

For the past two years, she has been situated in NYC and studied Musical Theatre. As a fresh graduate, she is pursuing the profession of Musical theatre and acting for TV/Film.



An average teenager with an extraordinary perspective. A voluntary worker with Do Good Now.

Denise has been exposed to the work of Do Good Now and went on two trips to Nepal before the age of 16.

While still at school, she has used the money from her own account to donate the full amount needed for surgery and recovery of one of the survivors she met on her second trip.

Moved by the stories of young trafficking survivors at the ABC Nepal transit homes, she now advocates for the cause, noting that anyone who has 10 minutes can take the time to educate themselves, and anyone who has a few dollars, can donate to those to whom it’s a fortune.

All while going to school, and doing her homework, and spending time with her friends like any other teenager would.


Passionate advocate for DGNG.

Social Media Campaigner of our Projects.

Sian is not your ‘average’ ambassador, advocate or supporter – she wholeheartedly believes in the power of community and the internet to bring us closer together.

As a successful online business owner, Sian utilizes her connections, community and skill set to support our work.

As a woman with a ‘disability’, she has witnessed the inequality in our world firsthand; and refuses to be put into a box that makes her “different”. It is this passion that drives her to help us – to create a world where everyone is seen as equal.

Although born in the UK, Sian sees herself as a child of the world and currently lives in mainland Europe.