We believe in indulgence, all day every day.
We just don’t believe half the world has
to suffer for it.

Here are a few tips to help you choose your pleasures wisely:


Pleasure That Heals

Support companies that treat their workers with respect by
choosing fair trade, locally made, or produced by independent
designers or vertically integrated companies that practice

You get draped in beautiful threads, people who made the
treads get to live their lives with dignity.

Pleasure That Hurts

Yet another blouse from Zara. Fast fashion brands thrive on
massive volumes at low costs, and they often outsource
fabric/garment production to fabrics that force their
workers to risk their health and safety daily, in return
for meager wages.

You lose the blouse by next season, the factory that made
it catches on fire and nobody cares.


Pleasure That Heals

A certified fair trade bar of rich, dark chocolate. A bag of organic spinach for your morning smoothie. A steak eaten a little less frequently than 3 times a day.

You luxuriate in only ever choosing the best. Your body gets a little healthier. Your conscience rests easy because you’ve just voted with your dollar.

Pleasure That Hurts

Always going for the cheapest, most convenient food.

If it’s not fair trade, the ones who made it will probably go hungry tonight. If it’s not organic, their exposure to pesticides will probably land them in hospital or worse. If it’s produced in mainstream animal agriculture facilities, they’re most likely doing things they’d never wish on their worst enemy, just so they can put a bit of bread on the table for their families.


Pleasure That Heals

Taking some couples time with your partner. Connecting
through energy and touch, not words. Letting the world
turn without you as you bask in your senses set on fire.
You get closer. You get calmer. You both get a mischievous
grin on your face.

Pleasure That Hurts

Indulging your fantasies by watching porn online.

It may look hot, but the performers are often put into
impossible situations by the industry. Trafficking,
coercion, violence, rape, not to mention psychological
trauma that makes it impossible for many to create
fulfilling lives in the future, are all par for the course.

You get off. Their lives get ruined. And your fantasy,
instead of being expressed and explored with a partner
you trust, gets repressed. Meaning you don’t get much happier.

Humans are beautiful, powerful, and worthy of all manner of indulgence.
So indulge. Nourish yourself. Daily, as best you can.

No more ignoring your needs and desires. No more settling for second best.
And making choices that make you complicit in destroying the life of some stranger
on the other side of the planet?

Make that two thousandth best.
As in, not even close to what you deserve.
As in, no more…