Welcome to our latest Empowerment-Over Pity Project in Nepal, with the purpose of stop human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.

We are building a safe home and offering education, medical attention and trauma therapy for young girls who have been rescued from being sold to brothels or as workers under slave like conditions. Architect Sara Pinto has drawn the first construction plan together with Helena Nyhlén, our project leader. A large plot of land (32,000 sqf) in the southeastern suburbs of Kathmandu is rented on a long term basis and we cannot wait to put the first brick in place.

Do Good Now’s founder, Ulrika Lorenz, has together with family and friends invested a lot of time, energy and equity to mitigate the effects of poverty and to offer education to primarily children, but also to women. The aim has always been to improve the living conditions for vulnerable people, especially women and children.

Do Good Now has run small projects in different countries to try to improve the living conditions of people, whether it be the effects of natural disasters, poverty, lack of education or the risk of falling victim to human trafficking. The Lorenz family spent one year (2006-2007) in Thailand’s archipelago working on a voluntary basis after the tsunami disaster that occurred on Boxing Day 2004. The work was in collaboration with the Swedish Micro-credit Foundation with the aim of rebuilding the infrastructure by offering microcredit (small loans) to entrepreneurs and family providers.

The Lorenz family has also spent time in Costa Rica to offer interest-free micro-loans to women for vocational education and assistance in starting their own businesses. The women who originated from Nicaragua and Costa Rica were offered beauty parlour education so that they could market their services to tourists and local customers. Several women was given an alternative to working as maids under slave-like conditions by earning an education and an opportunity to become free-lance entrepreneurs.

Since 2010, Do Good Now has been sponsoring a transit home for children who have been sold or run the risk of being sold for commercial, sexual exploitation. The safe home is run by ABC Nepal in Kathmandu. It is the home of 27 girls who receive primary and secondary education, medical care and trauma therapy. Our financial contribution covers all costs for 10 of the girls, salaries to the manager, “street dramas” to spread awareness about human trafficking, information campaigns in schools and salaries to staff at the border to India to stop suspected cases of human trafficking.

Do Good Now also makes small efforts in Sweden. Currently, apartments are rented to refugee families and women in need of sheltered housing. This is our way of being part of a sustainable and democratic society.

And we invite you to support us to help finance the building of both the Safe Home and Bed & Breakfast 

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